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Jenoptik TraffiStar systems: Combined red light and speed monitoring improves safety at accident black spots

TraffiStar systems from Jenoptik combine red light monitoring and speed monitoring at intersections and traffic lights.

Jenoptik TraffiStar systems improves safety

Efficient, accurate and extremely reliable: The TraffiStar series from Jenoptik offers you highly developed systems for monitoring red light violations and speeding offences. They allow you to simultaneously monitor multiple vehicles in different lanes. This improves safety at accident black spots.

Jenoptik has taken the development of its traffic monitoring systems further with the non-invasive TraffiStar SR390: It monitors the speed in up to six lanes and red light violations in up to four lanes. More functions e.g. optical traffic light phase detection, ANPR function and 24/7 with second evidence which can be added to the system if required. With the flexible system you can swap the main components easily between several locations. The 3D radar measurement system is perfectly configured to your custom designed requirements.

The compact TraffiStar SR290 3D radar measurement system allows you to control red light and speed violations with reliability and precision on up to three lanes simultaneously. You can easily add more functions to the TraffiStar SR290 e.g. optical traffic light phase detection, ANPR function and 24/7 with second evidence. Thereby you can adapt the system quickly and cost-effectively.

The TraffiStar SR520 system uses two induction loops embedded in the road. This enables recording traffic offenses on up to four lanes and distinguishing accurately between motorcycles, cars and trucks.

The non-invasive radar device TraffiStar SR590 can be used at any location in which intervention of the road surface for sensor installation is not possible. The sophisticated 3D tracking radar sensor captures several targets simultaneously. Movements of vehicles can be detected long before the stop line of the traffic lights, even when moving parallel to each other or closely behind one another.

All systems are fitted with a SmartCamera which records traffic offenses as high-resolution images. If required, the camera can take an additional second photo. This guarantees measurement results suitable for use as evidence in stationary traffic monitoring.


  • Dual use: Combined red light and speed monitoring.
  • Efficient: Monitor several lanes simultaneously and classify vehicles accurately.
  • Suitable for use as evidence: Record and document accurate measurement results.
  • User-friendly: Read out violation data easily via a network connection, saving time and personnel costs.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic safety: Combined red light and speed monitoring at intersections and traffic lights.

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