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TraffiSection VECTOR P2P: High-resolution ALPR cameras enforce average speed in up to two lanes

TraffiSection VECTOR P2P traffic cameras capture excellent images even in poor lighting conditions, such as at night. They deliver reliable readability of vehicle license plates.


Safer – Smoother – Greener – Fairer

TraffiSection VECTOR P2P is a proven solution that ensures safe and smooth traffic flows. It is the most reliable, lightweight, networked high technology Average Speed Enforcement system, available anywhere.

Based on 20 years of development and operational experience, VECTOR P2P is used to measure automatically the average speed of vehicles along a section of road between a defined entry and exit point. If the average speed of a driver is faster than a set threshold, a violation pack of images and meta-data will be generated, which is used to enforce the driver who has violated the speed limit regulation. This enforcement application is also known as ‘point to point’ measurement, or P2P.

Over 100 routes are monitored by VECTOR P2P, allowing the enforcement authorities to automatically identify offenders, keeping the road safe and free flowing.

Safer – Reduced Road Casualties
Wherever VECTOR P2P has been used, the number of casualties drops significantly, resulting in safer journeys for all road users. In the UK, where VECTOR P2P has been installed at more than 50 locations, the Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) casualty figure typically reduces by 70%.

Smoother – Improved Journey Reliability
Vehicles travelling through an average speed control zone travel at a uniform speed, over long sections or road. This results in better traffic flows and fewer collisions, so reducing casualties and maximizing highway capacity.
Highway construction sites also benefit from Average Speed Enforcement, keeping traffic flowing safely even with narrow lanes and poor road surfaces.

Greener – Environmentally friendly
Traffic flows at uniform safe speeds reduce emissions and fuel consumption.

Fairer – High Compliance Rate
Public acceptance of P2P control is higher than of spot speed measurement, leading to better compliance rates.

The average speed enforcement system VECTOR P2P is approved for use by the UK Home Office (HOTA, product name SPECS) and the Dutch National Institute of Metrology (NMi).


  • Efficient: Minimize installation time and cost
  • Simple: Each ANPR camera can operate with an offset up to 14.4 m, meaning that cameras can be installed above a non-running lane to simplify installation or maintenance access.
  • Scalable: Each camera monitors up to two lanes - additional cameras can be added for unlimited lane coverage. All cameras are networked to a central server which hosts the P2P matching software. Therefore customers can easily add new monitored sections and control multiple P2P links remotely.
  • Advanced: Decades of experience in measuring and camera technology; a leader in the United Kingdom.
  • Sustainability – Reuse of existing street furniture: The camera module weighs less than 4 kg, allowing it to be mounted onto existing street furniture using standard brackets.
  • 24/7 Operation: VECTOR P2P benefits from a unique, synchronized Infra-Red lighting solution. Even on dark roads, clear images can be captured, without the distraction of a flash or intense white light.
  • Security by design: The ANPR cameras come with a tamper and intruder alarm and can communicate AES256 encrypted data via secure VPN tunnels to the back office matcher.
  • ITS information harvesting: The Vector P2P Back Office can optionally unobtrusively gather big ITS data for all passing vehicles, for both civil and security/ policing applications, i.e. for traffic information, journey time or police alerts. Statistical data can be gathered for traffic volumes, speed and usage patterns.

Fields of Application

  • Police, municipal authorities, provinces, ministries, authorities and private highway operators: Average speed checks in two lanes.

Technical data

 Camera Intelligent ANPR camera with 3,2 MP mono (ANPR) & 3,2 MP colour (Context) image sensors, remote control motorised zoom and focus lenses. Up to 128 GB onboard storage
 Lane coverage  Up to two lanes per camera, same direction or bi-directional, front or rear facing, unlimited lane coverage with additional cameras Calibrated speed range20 km/h to 300 km/h (12.5 mph - 186 mph): +/-2 km/h up to 100 km/h, +/-2 % above 100 km/h
 Section length  150 m minimum up to > 20 km - effectively unlimited Illumination Controlled pulsed infra-red LEDs (850 nm). Optional night scene lighting with VECTOR IR floodlighting
 Evidence gathering  ANPR plate reads, still context image & H264 video clips, all with GPS timestamping
 Communications  Fully integrated: WWAN (3G & 4G), WiFi & wired LAN
 Time source  Choice of two from GPS pulse per second, NTP and internal high accuracy clock
 Installation  4.2 m - 10 m installed height, up to 14.4 m lane offset from furthest lane centreline per camera
 Physical   Camera: 370 mm (L) x 230 mm (W) x 125 mm (H), 3.5 kg, supplied with three-axis mounting bracket
 Environmental  IP67, -30 °C to +60 °C operating temperature range, -30 °C to +70 °C storage temperature range
 Power  48 VDC or 90-264 VAC supplied via column box providing 48 VDC to equipment Typical power consumption < 25 W per camera
 Housing colour  Standard: Yellow, Grey, White Customized specific colours possible


The average speed enforcement system VECTOR P2P is approved for use by the UK Home Office (HOTA, product name SPECS) and the Dutch National Institute of Metrology (NMi).

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