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MultaRadar SD580: Measure speed at fixed locations with state-of-the-art radar technology

The MultaRadar SD580 is the optimal solution for monitoring speed at fixed locations. The radar technology means that no sensors need to be embedded in the road.

MultaRadar Speed Monitor in Use

The stationary MultaRadar SD580 from Jenoptik enables you to monitor multiple lanes simultaneously

State-of-the-art radar technology with distance measuring means the system can be used in a non-invasive manner. In other words, no sensors need to be embedded in the road surface. This eliminates the need for investment and costly construction work to install invasive technology requiring disruption of the road surface. Therefore the MultaRadar SD580 can be installed with major cost savings and no significant impact on traffic.

All offenses are documented by a high-resolution SmartCamera in a way that is suitable to be used as evidence. You also have the option of connecting a sequential camera or video camera to the system. This enables you to document events before and after the traffic offense.

Thanks to insertion technology, you can easily rotate the system between different housings at different locations. In this way, your stationary traffic monitoring process remains flexible. You can configure the system on site via the user-friendly graphical control unit.


  • Accurate: Measure speeds in relation to distance in multiple lanes.
  • Flexible: Use one system at different locations to reduce costs.
  • Non-invasive: No interference with the road is necessary.
  • Suitable as evidence: The measured values and vehicles are documented in the photo.

Fields of Application

  • Speed monitoring: Take measurements wherever you want to reduce the potential danger and improve traffic safety.


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