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Speed Displays: Clear and accurate driver speed for greater safety on all roads

Speed displays give road users a clear indication of their speed and warn them if they are driving too fast.

Speed displays increase traffic safety. They make road users aware of how fast they are actually traveling and if they are breaking the speed limit. Speed displays make an important contribution to road safety education and reduce the danger caused by speeding vehicles in the immediate vicinity of schools, kindergartens or hospitals.

Jenoptik has designed its speed displays using its considerable wealth of experience and technical expertise gained through many years of accurate vehicle speed measurement. The integrated radar sensor reliably and accurately measures the vehicle speed. Powerful LEDs show the measured speed clearly on the display and a smiley face shows road users that they are keeping to the required speed limit. Conversely, a sad face warns them that they are exceeding the required speed limit. This increases awareness of driving behavior and increases traffic safety for everyone.

Jenoptik supplies speed displays for a wide range of locations: in towns and villages, at events, around road works, on expressways, freeways and company premises.


  • Accurate: Speeds are recorded quickly and accurately.
  • Clear: The LEDs in the display adjust automatically to the ambient light so they can be seen clearly during the day and night.
  • Energy: Supplied via mains, solar panel or battery (operating time of up to 16 days).
  • Positive and negative reinforcement: Smiley faces inform drivers they are traveling at or below the speed limit and sad faces when they are driving too fast.

Fields of Application

  • Urban centers: At danger spots, such as schools, kindergartens or hospitals.
  • Expressways: On freeways, highways and main roads.
  • Mobile use: Around events or road works.

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