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VECTOR LX: Traffic monitoring at level crossings combines state-of-the-art technologies

The combination of automatic license plate recognition, video and radar makes it possible to capture even the most complex situations involving road users at level crossings.


VECTOR LX from Jenoptik is a powerful system for monitoring traffic at level crossings. It continuously records and analyzes data relating to the movement of traffic. The system combines multiple cutting-edge technologies such as automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), video and rotating scanning radar. This makes it possible to not only identify offenses, but also to monitor complex situations. VECTOR LX provides information about all the road users involved, such as cyclists and vehicles illegally on the level crossing; even pedestrians are recorded. This information can be used at a ticket processing center for creating violation notices and experts can review the the information (video, images and data) to make crossings safer.

The system is powerful, effective and easy to maintain. The VECTOR LX can be installed and configured with minimal effort. No induction loops or complex connections to signaling equipment at the level crossing are required.

Various operating modes can be selected depending on whether, for example, you want to monitor crossing violations or compare license plates with police watch lists. Different modes can also be defined precisely for particular times. Furthermore, the system can be set so that it detects dangerous situations at the level crossing and then automatically switches to an alarm mode.

VECTOR LX has been approved by the British Home Office (Home Office Type Approved/HOTA).

How Traffic is monitored at Level Crossings

  • VECTOR ANPR camera for license plate recognition
    The VECTOR camera is the heart of VECTOR LX. It features integrated automatic license plate recognition as standard and captures additional panoramic images of the surrounding situation.
  • Video clips capture evidence of the traffic offense
    The VECTOR camera captures overview scene videos in addition to the ANPR image and general traffic information. These videos show the context in which a vehicle has been captured, using a day/night mode camera. In the event of a red light violation, the camera records the incident in 10-second videos. Additional video cameras monitor all relevant signaling equipment. These recordings can be used to prove the exact activity of the signaling equipment.
  • Object detection via rotating radar
    Regardless of the time of day, weather conditions or vehicle speed, the rotating radar makes it possible to monitor all objects within a fixed radius of up to 200 meters. For example, the camera is triggered if a vehicle crosses a defined line on the road.
  • Data capture
    The combination of an ANPR camera module, video and radar provides many options for the capture and subsequently detailed evaluation of red light violations and other traffic offenses. VECTOR LX also records other relevant information about the behavior of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles at the level crossing. They enable traffic experts to understand what kind of incidents take place, when they happen — and how they can be prevented.


  • Effective: VECTOR LX captures many different situations simultaneously.
  • Maintenance-free: No induction loops or connections with traffic signals are required.
  • Powerful: Advanced, reliable technology.
  • Flexible: Various types of traffic monitoring and times can be configured easily.

Fields of Application

  • Traffic monitoring: Red light monitoring, detection of broken-downs, comparison of license plates with police watch lists; monitoring queue lengths, duration at level crossings and vehicle speeds.

Technical Data

  • Dimensions: Height: 4000 mm, width: 350 mm, depth: 600 mm
  • Power: 230 V AC input, 150 W max. nominal power consumption
  • Mechanical parts: Smart Pole allows street level access to system components
  • Operating temperature: -10ºC to +50ºC (80% humidity over +20ºC), designed for IP 55
  • Situational awareness: Scanning millimetric radar (tracking and triggering monitoring)
  • ANPR capture: Vysionics Vector ANPR/overview camera
  • Trigger: HD color camera (no signal interconnections or in-road loops)
  • Onboard processor: Embedded PC with Intel Core i7 processor with Linux OS
  • Clock:
    • Primary: integrated GPS module with PPS signal
    • Secondary: integrated clock with high-precision crystal, synchronized to GPS time source
  • Communications:
    • Wired LAN 10/100 baseT Ethernet connection
    • 3G/GPRS/GSM to remote antenna inside column
    • WLAN (WiFi) connection between column pairs
  • External connectivity:
    • Power (230 VAC mains input)
    • Telephone socket for optional ADSL Broadband connection
  • Security: Anti-tamper switch inside column, high-security locking mechanism

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